Who We Are

A Century of Commitment | A Century of Excellence

Driven by penchant for excellence and passion for quality, Lallooji and Sons (LJS) is a 360° turnkey solutions events management company. Be it large-scale public events, exhibitions and trade-fairs, or cultural & sports festivals, LJS has cultivated the prowess to execute it all from concept to completion. 

With a legacy of over 100 years, we at LJS are the masters of execution for strategic and spectacular events. A resourceful and forward-thinking team, we aim for excellence in the details to surpass expectations and create new benchmarks. We conceptualise, visualise, and execute events from scratch with seamless implementation and quality infrastructure.

The LJS Edge

Scaling up events that create history

With a comprehensive portfolio that spans more than 10 decades, goes beyond boundaries, and scales massive magnitudes LJS’s comprehensive event solutions is a blend of astute management, keen foresight, and diligent execution.

  • Creating Customisable Infrastructural Solutions
  • Delivering Innovative Ideas with Novel Event Concepts
  • Ensuring Optimal Safety Measures
  • A Competent Team of professionals with Diverse expertise
  • Pioneers in The Introduction of Large Span German Marquees
  • Known for Excellence in services

The Legacy So Far

Building blocks of staunch faith

With the honour of organising the prestigious Kumbh Mela –the largest peaceful gathering on Earth, on the bank of Ganges in 1921 as our very first event, we discovered the significance of excellence right from the start, with a massive task of erecting a whole new world for devotees, we have over the years continued to build numerous camping tents, pandals, huge conventional structures, mass sanitary systems, post offices, banks, and restaurants for the event.

Evolving with time, we have come a long way. Along the journey, we have expanded our skills, from tents to technology, with a constant inclusion of latest know-how, upgraded technology and innovative solutions in all our projects.

What started with appreciation from India’s first Prime Minister Late. Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru to joining hands with the government to actualise the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we have materialised revolutionary visions to riveting venues.

“What started with appreciation from India’s first Prime Minister Late Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru to joining hands with the government to actualize the dream of Hon`ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we have materialized revolutionary visions to riveting venues.”