The Public-private Partnership Model


The Vision That Changed The Landscape

The Rann Utsav festival has been beckoning foreigners, desert lovers and travelers in India since 2008. The mesmerising beauty of the serene White Desert, the festival was the brain child of our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, then the Chief Minister of Gujarat. His vision and persistence in the face of skepticism created one of the most anticipated annual events in Gujarat that attracts visitors across the world.

Creating The Perfect Balance

The PPP model allows governments to develop tourism assets in accordance with government priorities and high environmental and social standards, while harnessing the efficiency and creativity of the private sector. It has been a major force in facilitating tourist access, enhancing quality and efficiency, and improving the destination experience. The following table showcases the roles and responsibilities covered in the development of Rann Utsav under the PPP Model.

Role of Public Partner
Role of Private Partner
  • Providing Basic Land & Infrastructure
  • Leading Marketing and Advertising Campaigns
  • Robust Local Administrative Support
  • Provision of basic supplies of water, drainage, electricity connection and more
  • Website Booking Engine & Payment Gateway Integration
  • Property Management Software
  • Creating Sales Channels & Partners
  • Event Branding & Space Design
  • Hospitality Management
  • Venue Construction & Management
  • All Necessary Logistic Requirements
  • Creating and Managing Entertainment Activities
  • Creating and Managing Adventure Sports Activities
  • AV Systems where required
  • Food & Beverage Services
  • Hiring & Training Hospitality Teams
  • Creating and Maintaining Security Infrastructure
  • Housekeeping & Laundry Services

PPP – An Engine For Economic Growth

The PPP model has led to several key benefits that lead to a significant upliftment of a region.
The benefits can be broadly summarized in two essential aspects Project Execution and Social Upliftment.

Project Execution Social Upliftment
Cost Reduction
Economy and savings on construction of capital projects, and in operating and maintaining services.

Risk Share
The involvement of private players leads to not just sharing the risks but also lowering it significantly.

Improved Services
The model ensures innovative and competitive delivery of services.

Efficient Implementation
Efficiency leads to a better destination experience through a combination of faster decision making and division of responsibilities.
Economic Growth
The footfall from incoming tourism gives a significant boost in enhancing the economy of the region.

Increased Employment
The operations of a huge event lead to an automatic need for employment on a local level for a variety of services.

Increased Per Capita Income
Growth in ancillary businesses and better exposure for local craftsmen lead to an improved income and standard of living.

Improved Civil Infrastructure
Better access to medical facilities, electrical connections, water supply, better roads, there is a surge in the overall quality of public infrastructure of the region.

Changing Landscape, Changing Lives

Before Rann Utsav happened to Kutch, it was considered an underdeveloped region, with poor road connectivity and negligible civic infrastructure. Rann Utsav came under a PPP (Public Private Partnership) in 2013 to give it the much-needed impetus. The White Rann Camping and Hospitality (an initiative of Lallooji & Sons, an Ahmedabad-based leading events, and exhibitions service provider) was appointed as the private partner in this prestigious partnership.

  • Driving employment opportunities & Business opportunities for local artists and artisans and common villagers, the development of tourism the wage rate have shot up in the area from a mere INR 50 per day to INR 800 per day since 2013.
  • World class road connectivity was provided to the entire Kutch region, along with 24×7 power and clean water supply to the remotest village of the desert land.
  • Along with the basic upliftment, came connectivity, internet, schools, health centres, banks, ATMs and employment.
  • Since 2012, over 1,00,000 visitors have been visiting Kutch to witness the White Rann Phenomenon, paving in more opportunities for the economy.
  • The villages were availed with continuous water supply system.